Autumn alert – reuse your off shoulders!

Hello sweets!

As its August fortnight already and we’re heading to autumn most of us have problems in dumping our summer dresses especially the “off shoulders”

So, here I am with a few ideas with what you can do with your off shoulder dresses this autumn!
(Believe me , you’ll never feel like dumping them for the season 😉
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DUNGAREES – history reapeats itself!

Hello lovelies ♥

While window shopping I picked up on these stunning pair of denims called dungarees which are in vogue these days.

What are dungarees and why are they trending?
Well its an old saying that ” history repeats itself”

The same is with the fashion world! From flaired gowns to dungarees are all the mid 60’s trends which are in!

Dungarees are not something new, if you remember the king of comedy charlie chaplin, he also wore dungarees and even we wore galace pants in our childhood. The difference is now we wear them in denims and full lengthed to look chic!

The complete look change : at first I was just so hesitated to buy these but being a fashionlover I couldn’t stop myself for trying this and believe me I found a complete change in my looks .
One can choose them knee lengthed or can go with the full length ones. They’d look chic anyway . I’d say this gorgeous pair is a must have . And if you’re hesitated about how they’d look,  just go through the pictures below 😉

These must definitely be a part of your monsoon collection!  Go grab youself a pair of dungarees to look chic and glamorous this monsoon ♥
As, ” its always about fashion , beauty and agless style “
Outfit details below the pictures.  Thanks for reading and stopping by.
I ♥ you all .


Heels : Aldo shoerange





Dungarees : hilfigher denims minion tee : lifestyle india


Yellow belt : kazo india shades : prada eyewear


Maxy dresses : monsoon must haves!

Head gear : accessories India. Maxi dress: lifestyle india. Handbag: the urban pitara Heels: zara worldwide

Head gear : accessories India.
Maxi dress: lifestyle india.
Handbag: the urban pitara
Heels: zara worldwide





Hello lovelies ♥
As monsoons have begun , a few of us feel soothing about the weather while for the others its a time to think of what to wear and what to not.

Maxy dresses, ” I could just start my day with them, hit the beach or even sleep with those on “
They’re something one can always rely on.

And.. about florals, they would always just make you feel so fresh.

Pro’s of maxi dresses:

Well they can be a great help if you had to go out all of sudden and your legs ain’t shaved.

• They can go anyway, casuals or formals.

• You need not to carry much of accessories and make up with them.

• And the best part, they help in escaping the humidity.

Have you bought your maxis yet? If not, go hit the stores asap! They’re definitely a must have I recommend.
Details of outfit below the pictures.

And remember : its all about fashion , beauty and ageless style ♥

Water your body challenge!

#wateryourbodychallenge! Have you heard of it?
It’s something which is trending the most on web these days. But let me tell you that I’ve been doing this ever since my childhood. What made me post this is the #dontjudge challenge which is trending among  the teens these days. What does that mean? People with unibrows or acne , don’t they have a life? And about acne its something very natural which one has no control on . I just wanted to remind that you’re all beautiful ♥

What is #wateryourbodychallenge and why is it trending?

A good skin is something that every girl desires, some of us are too much prone to allergies by pollen, dust and mist that often results in acne which make us feel low about ourselves.
Here’s the perfect cure to it. Rather than being on medication and applying tons of face masks just go for accepting the challenge of detoxing your body with an intake of atleast 14 glasses of water a day.
Believe me you’ll see the change in a month. Don’t believe me? Well I got allergic to smoke and see the change in a fortnight in the pictures below 😉
And to all my beautiful girls, there’s nothing to feel bad about acne and pimples. They’re just temporary and your beauty is everlasting.
I love you all ♥  stay healthy.  Stay beautiful.
As I always say, its all about fashion, beauty and ageless style ♥




Accessories : aldo accessories kohl : mac smudge free kohl. blush : maybelline cream blush lipshade: 2000 kisses from diana of London

Accessories : aldo accessories
kohl : mac smudge free kohl.
blush : maybelline cream blush
lipshade: 2000 kisses from diana of London

Well after a few posts on dresses I’ve decided to post on accessories and makeup ♡

To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything.

Its better to go all natural but sometimes makeup can give you a glow required for a party.
Here are the details of the makeup I’ve used.
when wear black’ always highlight with golden accessories” golden will always be a star to your black dress.

• GO MATTE : many women have a perception that glossy looks sassy. But believe me here are a few benefits of matte which will definitely make you avoid gloss.

1) it never spreads. Unlike the gloss which is spreaded sometimes upto the inner lip. 

2) it lasts long. Matte lipshades last easily for 8-9 hours and the one I have used here lasts 24 hours. HOW AMAZING IS THAT !!!

3) if you do your eyes golden and then you put on kohl it will give you a very goddy look.
So, “Go classy with matte”

Another thing for the post which is most important : THE EYE MAKEUP :
Most of the people lean on just eye make up . But believe me there are a few things you had been doing wrong while doing your eyes which will astonish you.

1) Curling lashes after mascara: Unless you want to end up with mega clumped lashes and a clogged eyelash curler, I suggest you curl your beautiful lashes before applying mascara to give them the foundation they need.

2) Never spread your eyes while applying kohl on your upper lids.

3) use a different basic colour for the lower lid let’s say brown, just to make your eyes look a little bigger.

And the last one …
4) never ever sleep with eye makeup on.

For lips:
There’s only a little tip I’d give – just apply a lighter shade concealer on your lip boundary and cover it with lip shade.
It will give them a bulgy look like marylyn monroe 😉 the lipshade I have used is 24 hours stay kissproof lipshade named – 2000 kisses from diana of london ♡ its a: MUST HAVE!
The accesorrie details are below the pictures.

Thanks for reading .
I ♥ you all.
And as I always say : Its all about fashion, beauty and ageless style.




STREET SHOPPING – sometimes brings you the best stuff ♡


Enjoy an off track and the most eccentric form of shopping in the streets. They are the most colourful markets from where you can pickup anything. In fact street bazaars are the most exotic markets that showcases the true India culture far away from pomp and show. And sometimes street shopping can give you the bestest stuff.
Benefits of street shopping in india are:

you can afford anything at the cheapest price you could think off.

•these shops especially at the tourist places like mcleodganj (where I have bought this dress from) give you the best of colours.

• they are the best to shop for summers when you can wear a dress twice or thrice and then dump it!

So, “if you haven’t tried street shopping , give it a try once” india is incredibly beautiful and can add colours to your life! ”

And as I always say its all about “fashion , glamour and ageless style ” ♥




TUNIC SHIRTS – the new must haves!

Tunics are for all body types.They are often used as fitted clothes to slim down. While it’s true that some tunics can cover your curves and make your body look shapeless or boxy, tunics with the right cut can be very flattering


  • the tunic shirt – this is a must have for the summers definitely.  You can wear it over any short dress or shorts it will dazzle indeed. 
  • If you’re too tall. It will give your body a very sequined look. Wear the black sando top inside and it will flatter your curves.Even if you don’t like to expose your legs much. Its a wonder dress to cover up.
  • pair it with the boots. Either the golden range from adidas originals or the woody range from carlton London and be ready to glam up.
    Tunic top - sunny creations. Shoes- Carlton London shorts- zara denims.  Shades- Louis vuitton.

    Tunic top – sunny creations.
    Shoes- Carlton London
    shorts- zara denims.
    Shades- Louis vuitton.

     location - mcleodganj.

    location – mcleodganj.

    AND YEAH! Rememember. Its all about fashion , glamour and ageless style ♥