How to reuse a dumped outfit πŸ’

Hello lovelies ❀️

I know I haven’t been posting lately, have been quite lazy.

But now when I’m bringing up my next post here’s something very very interesting for you girls πŸ’

What we all do? We ‘women basically ‘ we wear an outfit once and then get bored and dump it.

But, This post of mine will surely inspire youto prevent dumping your outfits you’re bored of πŸ˜‰

As , we’re heading towards winters I was reshuffling my wardrobe and there i found an oversized knee lengthed kurta (shirt kind of ) which belonged to my mom which she was going to dump for sure.

But the way i styled it will make you rethink whether it’s right to dump your clothes or not ?

Details below :

How to match it? 

This kurta of mine was transparent, not a bog deal, I picked another very old crop top of mine which is multicoloured and backstringed along with it and pulled them both all together , tucked them inside my jeans and that’s how it looked πŸ’


Black shirt : global desi , Jeans : hilfigher denims


Sling bag : kazo , Heels : catwalk india

The complete outfit : 

One must never go monochrome when it’s sunny, just try playing with neons . 

They look wow ❀️

I paired my outfit with a neon orange heels and sling bag for this complete look πŸ‘†πŸ»


Another advantage:

One of the major advantage of this look is that you need not to  carry much of makeup, as it’s pretty much boho casualish , keep it sinple and subtle 😊

I’ll be posting more often, Till then stay tuned and stay updated .

Thanks for stopping by! And remember ‘it’s all about fashion, beauty and ageless style’ ❀️


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