Dress up for a dinner β€οΈ

Hello lovelies πŸ’‹

I’m back with this post on the most common and still confusing idea to think of dressing up for a family dinner.

Last night, we had a family get together and this i how i dressed up myself. Not really casual but not too formal as well . 

Details below :


Skirt : shoppers stop. shoe : catwalk india


The shoe and the skirt : 

Shoes are something which define your complete outlook . For me before i pick the dress i pick up the shoe and dress accordingly. I wore a midnight blue SATIN SKIRT for the night, I’m pretty much delighted with skirts πŸ˜‹ I chose a pair of ivory and golden stilettos to match the look . 

Remember, golden never goes wrong πŸ‘†


neckpiece : aldo ring: add ons


The Neckpiece and the ring : I’m pretty much obsessed with aldo accessories. One of my accessories is always from aldo . I matched up the accessories with my shoe for the contrast.


The waiting in the car selfie : as long as we had to wait for our cousins to arrive, taking selfies is my favourite task to do πŸ˜‹


lipcolor: sephora


The lip shade : this one is my favourite lipshade. Sephora can never go wrong!


upper eyelid color: the peacock green from chambor kohl: mac cosmetics cream blush: maybelline india, lipcolor: sephora


My makeup details: i never hang too much on makeup. Most of the times i am okay with kohl and lip colour. And of course one should always keep it light for general casual family meetings. 


top : topshop

Complete outfit : i paired my high waisted long SATIN Skirt with a croptop of dull golden colour , as my outfit had pretty vibrant colours so I preferred to keep it light with the makeup. And the satin skirt is a must have, i was hesitant to try it but i loved it afterwards.

Thanks for stopping by πŸ’‹

I ❀️ you all! 

And as I always say, its all about fashion, beauty and ageless style ❀️


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