DUNGAREES – history reapeats itself!

Hello lovelies ♥

While window shopping I picked up on these stunning pair of denims called dungarees which are in vogue these days.

What are dungarees and why are they trending?
Well its an old saying that ” history repeats itself”

The same is with the fashion world! From flaired gowns to dungarees are all the mid 60’s trends which are in!

Dungarees are not something new, if you remember the king of comedy charlie chaplin, he also wore dungarees and even we wore galace pants in our childhood. The difference is now we wear them in denims and full lengthed to look chic!

The complete look change : at first I was just so hesitated to buy these but being a fashionlover I couldn’t stop myself for trying this and believe me I found a complete change in my looks .
One can choose them knee lengthed or can go with the full length ones. They’d look chic anyway . I’d say this gorgeous pair is a must have . And if you’re hesitated about how they’d look,  just go through the pictures below 😉

These must definitely be a part of your monsoon collection!  Go grab youself a pair of dungarees to look chic and glamorous this monsoon ♥
As, ” its always about fashion , beauty and agless style “
Outfit details below the pictures.  Thanks for reading and stopping by.
I ♥ you all .


Heels : Aldo shoerange





Dungarees : hilfigher denims minion tee : lifestyle india


Yellow belt : kazo india shades : prada eyewear



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