Water your body challenge!

#wateryourbodychallenge! Have you heard of it?
It’s something which is trending the most on web these days. But let me tell you that I’ve been doing this ever since my childhood. What made me post this is the #dontjudge challenge which is trending among  the teens these days. What does that mean? People with unibrows or acne , don’t they have a life? And about acne its something very natural which one has no control on . I just wanted to remind that you’re all beautiful ♥

What is #wateryourbodychallenge and why is it trending?

A good skin is something that every girl desires, some of us are too much prone to allergies by pollen, dust and mist that often results in acne which make us feel low about ourselves.
Here’s the perfect cure to it. Rather than being on medication and applying tons of face masks just go for accepting the challenge of detoxing your body with an intake of atleast 14 glasses of water a day.
Believe me you’ll see the change in a month. Don’t believe me? Well I got allergic to smoke and see the change in a fortnight in the pictures below 😉
And to all my beautiful girls, there’s nothing to feel bad about acne and pimples. They’re just temporary and your beauty is everlasting.
I love you all ♥  stay healthy.  Stay beautiful.
As I always say, its all about fashion, beauty and ageless style ♥




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